K-422 Bi-Amplifier

ราคา : 120,000 .-

Power Amp จากค่าย DA&T รุ่น K-422 Bi-Amplifier


ID: P20200629150903

คนเข้าดูสินค้า : 4741 ครั้ง

Full Review By Prime Audio


1. Specially designed for Bi-Amp dual amplifier drive
2. Simultaneously construct Class D amplification and dynamic Class A amplification
3. There is an enabling switch to set only A type work or D type work
4. Support DDS output can be directly expanded to multi-amplifier drive
5. Digital coaxial receiving capability 384khz/ 32bit
6. Dynamic Class A gain is continuously adjustable
7. Built-in 32-bit digital analog converter
8. Equipped with analog signal for direct amplification
9. Equipped with analog power signal directly after the amplification
10. Bi-Amp drive frequency domain can be pre-filtered
11. Full memory recovery function after power off and restart



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